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How a Vegan Can Still Eat Meringue and Live to Tell the Tale

So you’ve gone vegan, but you didn’t consider the consequences.

How can you live a life devoid of lemon meringue pie or Eton mess?

Is it all over before it’s even begun?

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All is Not Lost

Don’t worry – there is a way.

You can be a vegan and still enjoy lovely fluffy, light and crunchy yet chewy meringue.

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And Here’s How


Get yourself a:

  • can of chickpeas (400g)
  • 120g of caster sugar
  • 1tsp of cream of tartar

No, I had never heard of chickpeas either before going vegan. Well, maybe I’d heard of them but I’d never given them much thought. And ditto that with cream of tartar.

What are Chickpeas?

They are legumes which are high in fibre and protein and all round quite good for you. Read all about chickpeas. No, don’t click on the link now because you’re busy learning how to make vegan meringue; read it later.

Get to the supermarket and get yourself a can of chickpeas (and remember to pick up the cream of tartar and a bag of caster sugar while you’re there.

Once back at home, grab a strainer and strain the chickpea water into a bowl.

All we need to make the meringue is the water …. but save the chickpeas and bung them in the fridge. No doubt we can whip these chickpeas up into a delicious nutritious meal at a later date.

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This water is called Aquafaba.


Aquafaba (/ˌɑːkwəˈfɑːbə/) is the viscous water in which legume seeds such as chickpeas have been cooked. Due to its ability to mimic functional properties of egg whites in cooking, aquafaba can be used as a direct replacement for them in some cases, including meringues and marshmallows.


So, now you know what Aquafaba is – this post is so educational!

Keep Beating

Get a hand-held electric whisk and beat the water. Make sure you have put the water in a large enough bowl as you don’t want to spatter this precious mixture all over the kitchen worktop and cupboards.

Add the sugar a little at a time and, as with traditional meringue mixture, keep beating.

Looking Peaky

Beat until the mixture turns into soft peaks. The mixture should look shiny and glossy when finished and should be quite stiff. Go on, hold the bowl over your head if you dare!

(Just don’t blame me!)

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Spoon or pipe blobs of the mixture onto a baking tray covered with greaseproof paper. The mixture will spread so allow some room for this.

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Cook for an hour at 120c.

Once cooked the meringue should be golden brown on top. This aqaufaba meringue should have the consistency of ‘normal’ meringue – firm on top and slightly chewy inside.

Leave to cool and serve as desired.

Practice Makes Perfect

You may have to practice this method a couple of times before holding a dinner party. No-one ever said that making the perfect meringue was easy and no-one definitely ever said that making the perfect aquafaba meringue was easy.

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Enjoy! Now where did I put those chickpeas?

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What About Soap – is it Vegan?

Check it Out

If you are a newbie vegan, you need to check that your soap is vegan and does not contain any fats derived from animals (eg. tallow)

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To ensure your soap does not contain any animal by-products, check the labels before you purchase and look to avoid the following:

  • lanolin
  • glycerine
  • oleic acid
  • oleyl stearate
  • oleyl oleate
  • tallow
  • stearic acid

Life is Never Simple

However, as we all know, life is never that simple and some of the above can now be manufactured from plant based materials. Thankfully.

Here are just a few vegan soaps to get you started …..

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Bar Soap Variety Gift Pack– 5oz, 6 Pack
Crate 61 Best Seller Soap 6-Pack Box Set, 100% Vegan Cold Process Bar Soap, scented with premium essential oils and natural flavors, for men and women, face and body.
OLIVA Olive Oil Soap 125g (PACK OF 1)
Herban Cowboy Milled Bar Soap Dusk – 5 oz (Pack of 6) | Men’s Bar Soap | No Parabens, No Phthalates & Certified Vegan
Clearly Natural Glycerin Bar Soap, Unscented, 4oz Bar, Pack of 6

To be absolutely certain that your soap is vegan, only buy products which have been certified by the Vegan Society.

Soap Bar or Liquid? You may also like to read Best Soap for the Environment

Stay clean …… stay Vegan!

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Review: Alpro Unsweetened Plant Based Yoghurt Alternative


Man may go vegan but man (or woman or gender neutral person) cannot live without yoghurt.

Fortunately, my local supermarket gave me (yes gave me) a vegan alternative to try.

It’s called Alpro Plain Unsweetened.

Alpro unsweetened plant based yoghurt
Alpro Unsweetened Plant Based Yoghurt

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What is it?

It’s a soya alternative to yoghurt with zero sugars.

What’s in it?


Water, Hulled soya beans (10.8%), Calcium (Tri-calciumcitrate), Stabiliser (Pectins), Acidity regulators (Sodium citrate, Citric acid), Natural flavouring, Sea salt, Antioxidants (Tocopherol-rich extract, Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid), Vitamins (B12, D2), Yogurt cultures (S.thermophilus, L. bulgaricus)

Be Careful Now

Contains soya. May contain traces of almonds and hazelnuts. Naturally lactose free & dairy free. Gluten free.

Nutritional Information (100g)

energy179 kJ / 43 kcal
fat2.3 g
mono-unsaturates 0.5 g
polyunsaturates 1.4 g
carbohydrate0 g
sugars0 g
fibre1.0 g
protein4.0 g
salt0.25 g
vitamin D 0.75 μg 15%*
vitamin B12 0.38 μg 15%*
vitamin E 1.3 mg 10%*
calcium 120 mg 15%*


  • Free from sugars
  • 100% plant based
  • A source of soya protein
  • Naturally low in fat
cereal with yoghurt
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How Do You Eat It?

You can eat it as you would eat a yoghurt. Use it as a topping on fresh or tinned fruit, cereal, vegan pastry or with vegan cakes.

(And, yes, of course, you can eat it if you’re not vegan!)

What Does It Taste Like?

Well, basically, it is completely bland and doesn’t really taste of anything. It hasn’t got that sharp yoghurty taste.

There’s nothing unpleasant about it but it’s very mild – at first I couldn’t really see much point in eating it at all! However, as the week went on, I found I was adding the Alpro to all my desserts and now, it’s finished, I quite miss it!

So, I just might have to buy some more or try another Alpro product!

Take the Poll


Take a look at the Alpro website – it’s quite informative!

Have you got any vegan yoghurt alternative recommendations? If so, leave me a message!

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Send Great Greetings to the Very Vegan

Vegan Greetings Cards

Includes a vegan birthday cake recipe!

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Fruits and Vegetables Heart - Vegan Card

Fruits and Vegetables Heart – Vegan Card
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